Akuamma 20:1 Extract Powder


Add Akuamma To Your Wellness Routine

This botanical extract is an alkaloid similar to kratom and is related to both mitragynine and yohimbe. 

  • Powder Extract
  • Improved Bioavailability
  • Country Of Origin: Africa

Support your overall wellness while promoting a healthy sleep cycle and an inherent calm with akuamma.




Botanical Variety: Akuamma Extract Powder 

Harvested from: Africa

Description: Akuamma (Picralima Nitida) is a plant from Africa whose seeds contain various types of alkaloids, which include akuammine and pericine. Akuamma seeds resemble Kratom in a way because its alkaloid, akuammine, is related to mitragynine and yohimbine. These seeds are crushed and processed and condensed to form a powdered extract. 

Extract ratio: 20:1

As with any Natural Botanical product, minor changes occur between batches resulting from weather or seasonal changes in the source country of Africa. However, we have an excellent record of consistency! We take pride in our company and want to provide the best for you!

We hope you enjoy all of life’s experiences.

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