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A Brief History of Kratom

A Brief History of Kratom

When people talk about kratom, they’re talking about the mitragyna speciosa plant. Human beings have had a relationship with this plant throughout history, and now it’s starting to become more popular in the Western World. Some cultures have traditionally treated...

Why Green Kratom Over Other Strains?

Why Green Kratom Over Other Strains?

If you’ve been shopping for kratom online for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed that it’s often divided by color. Even on this site, you can find information about gold vein kratom, green vein kratom, red vein kratom, and white vein kratom. Each person can...

Looking at Red Vein Kratom and Its History

Looking at Red Vein Kratom and Its History

Red Vein Kratom has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. Part of this is because so many people have begun advocating on behalf of this plant. And part of the popularity comes from media coverage and political action. Despite its recent...


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