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Knowing the Difference Between Different Types of Kratom

Many people have questions about all the different types of kratom, especially if they’re new to the industry. The different varieties of kratom will all have slightly different ranges of alkaloids, depending on where it is grown. People tend to buy each type for different reasons. Everyone has their preferred type of kratom, and someone else’s favorite may not necessarily be yours. Get started by learning more about the four main types of kratom: red, green, white, and gold.


Kratom Effects

Indigenous peoples in Southeast Asia have already been harvesting kratom leaves for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. The botanical name for this tree is Mitragyna Speciosa. It is regarded as an herbal plant in many parts of the world. Some consumers report buying it for euphoric and stimulating effects, while others report that they turn to kratom when they’ve been experiencing discomfort. Some people have even said that small amounts of kratom are stimulating, while larger amounts are more relaxing, depending on the type. Both of these reasons help explain why it’s been so popular with farmers in parts of the world where it grows naturally.


Types of Kratom

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body and brain chemistry is a little bit different. For that reason, people have reported having completely different experiences with kratom, even with the same type. That said, there are different types of kratom that each have their own reputations. The four general categories of kratom include the following:
Green Vein Kratom
Red Vein Kratom
• Gold Vein Kratom
White Vein Kratom


Green Vein Kratom

Some people have said that green kratom is one of the strongest types for the daytime. Some people see it as combining some of the best characteristics from both the white kratom and red kratom. Some people have said they buy green kratom when they are wanting a good deal of relief but don’t want to become drowsy or sedated. In some parts of the world, green kratom has an excellent reputation among people who like to improve their mood and boost concentration.


Red Vein Kratom

Many people who become interested in kratom for relief tend to gravitate toward the red variety. Some people have said they buy red kratom when they’re in pain or wanting to relax. People typically don’t talk about red kratom when they want more energy.

Gold Vein Kratom

Gold kratom is somewhat similar to red kratom in many ways. Some people have said they get gold kratom instead of a red type when they want to feel relaxed but be euphoric. People in some parts of the world like gold kratom if they have anxiety or pain or would like a mood boost.


White Vein Kratom

White kratom isn’t as closely associated with relaxation as some other varieties. People typically report buying white kratom when they have depression, are very tired, or want to boost their productivity. Mitragyna Speciosa does come from the Rubiaceae family, after all, which is the same family as the coffee tree.


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