All Kava Products

Our quality starts with root selection. 
We use hand-selected, premium Beverage Grade Vanuatu Borogu Lateral roots to make our Kava extracts, not leftover scraps peelings and chips, or undesirable cultivars such as “Tudei” or “Waeld” Kavas.

Our Kava is then thoroughly washed and hand peeled in a state-of-the-art facility before being air-dried indoors, rather than being exposed to the elements to be sun-dried. Air drying preserves the Kavalactones while the UV rays and heat from the sun degrades them.
Quality through lab testing.
Each batch of Polynesian Gold® extracts are rigorously tested and must meet extremely strict quality controls before the Polynesian Gold brand name is bestowed upon the product.  We test our materials for microbiological, heavy metals, pesticides, as well as Kavalactone content and we test each individual Kavalactone to ensure that the chemical profile of our extract is of a desirable Beverage Grade chemotype. The result is a consistent, high-quality standardized kava product that represents the very best kava of Beverage Grade Kava.