Wild Lettuce


Herb Support To Help You Feel Great

Wild lettuce is often referred to as “opium lettuce” because of its pain-relieving qualities, in addition to providing breathing and sleep support, and promoting calmness.

  • Helps Manage Pain And Discomfort
  • Promotes Healthy Circulation
  • Has Topical Antibacterial Properties

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Botanical Variety: Wild Lettuce Extract Powder

Description: Also called Wild Lettuce Herb Extract, Wild Lettuce P.E.
From the Victorian period to the 19th century, Wild Lettuce Extract has been known as a sedative and as an analgesic.  In 1917, a company asserted that Wild Lettuce was “Highly esteemed to quiet coughing and help with nervous irritation, a good safe remedy to produce sleep.”
Lettuce extract has been considered to be a mild sedative that has been known to have the properties to calm the nerves, treat restlessness, anxiety, severe nervous disorders, neuroses, and, and treat insomnia and hyperactivity.

Product Name: Lettuce Extract
Botanical Name: Lactuca virosa
Part Used: Leaf or Root
Appearance:  Brown, Yellow Brown  or Light green fine powder

Extract ratio: 20:1

As with any Natural Botanical product, minor changes occur between batches resulting from weather or seasonal changes in the source country. However, we have an excellent record of consistency! We take pride in our company and want to provide the best for you!

We hope you enjoy all of life’s experiences.

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