45 EKSPRESS Liquid Kratom


Our NEW EKSPRESS Liquid Kratom offers a full spectrum Kratom experience, boasting a combination of MIT and many other Kratom alkaloids. This unique Liquid Kratom is quick, and made from clean ingredients. See below for product details.

Also available in Sugar Free, and with Natural Caffeine.


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Take your Kratom routine to a new level!

EKSPRESS, our NEW Liquid Kratom, represents what full spectrum is truly about. Our Liquid Kratom is entirely different from everyone else’s liquid Kratom products. It’s quicker, cleaner, and has a greater alkaloid profile than anything on the market today! Kratom products with full spectrum alkaloid profiles are known to greatly enhance one’s experience. EKSPRESS is a must try for Kratom lovers!

EKSPRESS naturally contains Mitragynine as well as an abundance of many other active Kratom alkaloids, including Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Peciocilitine, to name a few. Our Liquid Kratom is full spectrum, offering much more than just MIT (Mitragynine). While MIT is very important to the Kratom experience, the inclusion of some of the other 40-50 alkaloids makes for a more potent, different, and rich Kratom product.

The 30 ml (1 oz) bottle contains 3 servings or more depending on one’s desired strength and use. It can be used alone, or added in smaller amounts to your current Kratom regimen. The bottle contains approximately 110mg of active MIT (Mitragynine), or 3.6 mg/ml, or 36.5 mg per serving (at 3 servings).

We wanted to create something unique and high-quality for our Kratom community to enjoy. After a lot of testing, we believe we have something really special here that everyone can appreciate. Give our EKSPRESS Liquid Kratom a try today!

Ingredients: water soluble full spectrum mitragyna speciosa extract (proprietary blend), water, glycerin, and citric acid.

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